The 8 Lads You'll have on your Stag Do

The weekend has finally come around and it's time to round up the lads for the greatest stag do in existence!

Stag weekends throws together a whole mixture of different individuals and we've listed the 8 lads you can expect to have at your stag do! 


The Organiser 

Ever since you fist mentioned that you're getting married, this man has been planning every fine detail of your stag do. He's created numerous group chats and you can't remember a day that has gone by where he hasn't bombarded you with emails or messages. This night is almost as important to him, as it is to you, this stag do is like his child, and if any of the lads mess it up, they'll know about it!


Mr. Sensible

Every group of lads has one, he's never the one smashing back the pints or joining in on the banter, and the for the most part, the banter will be aimed at him - but when the rest of you have had too much to drink, and you've got barely any clothes on and you can barely string two sentences together, he's there to flag down a taxi and make sure you all end up getting home safely. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector, he's Mr.Sensible


The Bad Influence 

This Lad is the complete opposite to Mr.Sensible! He's absolutely nuts and whenever he's on a night out; you can guarantee it will be absolute carnage! You'll love him but he's The Organiser's worst nightmare! He'll be the first to start any pranks, any drinking games, he'll probably be the main reason why you're arrested or the main cause of any trouble - but this night wouldn't be half as good without him and for that he's earned his rightful place in your stag night! 


The Lightweight

There's always one lad who can't handle his liquor, every group has one! He's usually encouraged to drink more than he can handle and is usually passed out at around 9.00pm. He'll be the one everyone will be drawing on and pulling pranks on and will probably have the worse hangover the next day. His night is going to be a lot shorter than the rest of you lads! 


The Boozer

This lad can handle his drink like none other! He's a beer drinking machine, smashing back pint after pint without even breaking a sweat, unlike his friend The Lightweight, who is probably on his third and final pint compared to The Boozer has already sank 8 pints, 3 Jäger bombs and 2 tequila slammers! Not only is he a drinking machine but he's usually the one encouraging the rest of the group to see off their pints and the reason why you spend the majority of the day after hugging the toilet! 


The ladies Man 

This man is not satisfied on a night out until he has pulled. He doesn't get put off by rejection and will pester every girl in sight, until one of them falls for his cheesy chat-up lines. He's a no strings attached, gone the next morning type of guy and is guaranteed to leave a trail of broken hearts wherever he goes! 


The Stag Do Vet 

He's been there, done that, and has a large collection of personalised t-shirts to prove it. He has travelled all over the world on various stag parties and certainley knows the ropes when it comes to stag do's. There's nothing that can surprise this lad anymore and he's got the scars, the terrible tattoo's and large collection of stag t-shirts to prove it. He's dedicated to ensure that you have the best weekend of your life and for that we salute him!    


The Fighter 

This lad will usually be seen throwing his weight about and starting fights because some guy at the bar "blinked weirdly at him" or "brushed against him". He'll been the reason you all get kicked out of the clubs and it's usually left to the Mr. sensible and The Organiser to cool him down.  He'll be constantly mentioning how much he bench presses and will usually be bragging how he can "take on anyone in this club". You'd just wish this juiced up Neanderthal would just sit down and enjoy the night, but we all know that won't be happening! 



Beer of the Week - Rogue Chipotle Ale

Beer of the Week: Rogue Chipotle Ale

Origin: Oregon, USA

Strength: 5.5%

This week's Beer of the Week is definitely one for people who enjoy a little spice in their life! Deep amber in colour, this ale has a rich malty aroma and has been delicately spiced with smoked Jalapeno peppers. That's right! This beer has mixed ale with the spiciness of Jalapeno pepper, to give it a little extra bite. But don't be put off by this strange combination, because to our shock, it actually works! 

This beer is deep golden in colour and has a tight head. It has a rich malty aroma and has a smooth and crisp flavour, with a subtle chipotle chili finish, it's not so overpowering where it blows your head off but you'll certainly feel it in the back of your throat! Rogue Chipotle Ale is created from Northwest Harrington, Klages and Maier Munich Malts; Willamette and Cascade hops and smoked Jalapeno (chipotle) Peppers. Combine all this and you're left with a smooth amber ale with a subtle spicy kick to it.

 If you love a bit of spice, then you'll love this!


Why you should have your Stag do in Amsterdam

If you're struggling to think of the perfect location for your crazy stag weekend, then look no further than the nocturnal playground that is Amsterdam. Stag groups have been flocking to Dutch capital for years, and for good reason! There's something for everyone in Amsterdam, whether you're a boozer, a shmooser, a smoker, a clubber or cultured, you're bound to find something you'll enjoy in Amsterdam. If you're not yet fully convinced that Amsterdam is the the number one stag weekend destination, we'll give you a couple of ideas and suggestions of what you could be getting up to on your crazy weekend away, that'll have you convinced! 


The Nightlife


Amsterdam's nightlife has been hailed to have one of the craziest nightlife's in Europe and there are plenty of reasons why! For starters, you have the world famous Red Light District, which is filled with outrageous bars, hazy coffee shops, spectacular strip shows and outrageous sex museums, which are all guaranteed to supply you and lads with plenty of entertainment! But that's not all there is to Amsterdam's crazy nightlife, you also have Rembrandtplein and leidseplein, which are both set in the southern canal ring neighbourhood, and are the city's top places to party! With megaclubs and a dance scene that rivals some of the best in Europe! If all this doesn't have you convinced to come to Amsterdam, I don't know what will!


Stag Do Activities


 Of course, you can't go on a stag weekend and not do any stag activities; it'd just be a holiday with the boys if that was the case! Lucky for you, Amsterdam offers you and the rest of the lads, plenty of different activities to keep you all entertained day or night! The Canal Boat Booze Cruise is a must do activity in the day! Cruise around the canals of Amsterdam, whilst having a good old booze up, on your own private boat, which comes complete with a skipper and a bar person. Then once you've finished your day activities how about a tour of the Red Light District or keeping up with stag do tradition, visit one of the many strip clubs in Amsterdam? It would be rude not to! 


Time to hit the hay! 


Of course, after all the fun and games, you're going to need a place to say and Amsterdam has plenty of great hotels for you to choose from. If you want to stay beside the canal then we suggest you stay at the Floris France Hotel but if you would rather venture outside of the hustle and bustle of the city centre then we suggest you stay at Meininger City West Hotel. Wherever you decide to stay in Amsterdam, you're bound to find a hotel that's right for you! 


Our Favourite Stag Do Pranks

When you get married, you're supposed to grow up and settle down, but that certainly isn't the case when you're on your stag do. On a stag, your average boring mate, who goes to sleep before 9 and collects postage stamps, turns into a party animal, which can't wait to prank and humiliate the stag. So with that mind and considering today is April Fools' Day, we thought we'd show you some of our favourite stag do pranks! 



This prank pretty much is what it says on the tin, everyone in the group must shave off their private hair and stick it on the stags face, like a "pube beard". We've got very little standards here at Stagstuff but even for us, this is a little too much! 


Bikini Paintball 

Paintball is a hugely popular stag activity but it can be quite painful, especially on bare skin! This is a perfect opportunity to stitch the stag up. Make him wear a skimpy outfit, like a bikini of some sort. And watch him jump about in pain, as gets plastered in paint and bruises. 


Tying the Stag to a Lamp post 

Tying the stag to a lampost is a classic stag do prank and is still as great as ever. Make sure you take his clothes with you to avoid them being stolen, but you may want to keep him partly covered or else it becomes a criminal offence. We suggest some nice glittery, skimpy panties.


 Fake Plaster 

If you're lucky enough to have a doctor amongst your group or you can find one, then this prank is great! When the stag eventually passes out, plaster his leg up and come up with an elaborate back story, like he lost a fight to an army of midgets or failed an attempt to do a back flip, it's your choice! The look of panic on his face will be priceless but get ready to run when he realises he can actually put pressure on it! 


The air horn wake up call 

After a heavy night full of drinking, it's very likely the stag will be trying to sleep off the hangover. As his friend, it's your duty to ensure he doesn't miss any stag do related fun and what better way to do this, than with an air horn?



Who needs eyebrows?! 

Its well-known eyebrows are pretty much useless, so surely the stag want mind if you remove his?


Face Paint

There's no greater site than seeing a grown man with a tiger print painted on his face, stumble around and tell you why you're his best friend and that he loves you.


Dress him up in a Mankini 

This revealing piece of beach wear, which was made popular by Kazakhstan's #1 journalist, Borat, has become increasingly popular with stag parties. And it'll have all the stags laughing as his bulge is barely containable and also looking away in disgust for that same reason. 


Just remember that we can't be held responsible for any accidents or injuries that are acquired when attempting these pranks. Make sure you stay safe on your stag do. It's your last night of freedom, not your last night of life. 



Play a Little Beer Pong!

What with all the fun stuff you have planned for your pal's stag night - paintballing, drinking, clubbing, et cetera - squeezing in a few rounds of beer pong may seem like an impossible task. Your schedule is full, and it's not like you can just set up some cups in the limo en route to the gentleman's club.

Now, don't worry - we're not suggesting that you play beer pong instead of looking at naked ladies. We're not monsters. What we are suggesting is that you perhaps start the festivities a little early; beer pong is a fantastic afternoon activity, and a good way to ensure that everybody's nicely sozzled by the time the party really kicks off.

So here's an idea: get everybody 'round your house in the early afternoon, have a beer pong tournament between yourselves, then - once everyone is lit up - call a taxi and head to the pub, or the bowling alley, or wherever you were initially planning to start the night. Aside from the obvious advantage of beer pong (i.e. the fact that it gets you drunk), it really is a great game, and a boozy round robin tournament is a fantastic way to break the ice if some of the groomsmen haven't met before.

Get your beer pong set here!