Need Help Writing Your Wedding Speech?

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Whether you’re the handsome groom or his trusty best man, you’ll almost certainly be expected to say a few words at the wedding reception. A best man speech should be light-hearted and funny, poking fun at the groom without going too far; the groom’s speech is usually a more emotional affair, paying tribute to the bride and thanking everyone who helped with the wedding. Still, that doesn’t mean there’s no room for a few laughs!

Regardless of your role in the wedding, StagStuff’s Wedding Speech Builder will ensure that your speech brings the house down. Our expert speech writers know exactly what makes a good best man/groom speech – to get started, simply select one of the options below!

How it works:

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Log in and start building!
Once you log into the system, you’ll find more than 4,000 speech blocks for every phase of your speech – from the opening line to the standing ovation (and hopefully free drinks all night!) The system is broken into phases; as you work through your speech, you’ll find dozens of options of passages of speech (or ‘blocks’) for each phase. Simply click on the blocks you want to use and they’ll be added into your own unique speech template. You can edit each individual block, adding names, dates, and your own words and anecdotes. Then, once finished, you can save your speech for a final edit or print it out in preparation for the big day.

What blocks can I choose from?

The speech blocks cover every part of your speech:
  • Opening lines
  • Nervous lines
  • Thanks
  • Jokes to roast the groom
  • Jokes about the groomsmen
  • Jokes about the bridesmaids
  • Tributes to the bride
  • Jokes about the best man
  • Jokes for brothers
  • Funny advice
  • Comedy school reports
  • Funny cards and messages
  • Wedding toasts
  • Closing lines
Just enter the blocks you want to use into the relevant part of your speech template and you’ll be good to go!

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