1000 Drinking Games

1000 Drinking Games
  • 1000 Drinking Games
One thousand drinking games in one handy box! Keep this kit handy and you'll never be bored at a house party again!
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All good parties need a few drinking games, right? The problem is, it can sometimes be difficult to think of a decent game off the top of your head. Once you've played Ring of Fire and Never Have I Ever, where do you go next?

We'll tell you where you go: you go upstairs, take this 1000 Drinking Games set out of the cupboard, and get ready for a drunken night unlike any you've experienced before!

This isn't an exaggeration - that box really does contain everything you'll need to play a THOUSAND different drinking games. That's not just enough to fill up your party; that's enough to fill up every party you ever have ever again!


  • 11 x number Cards
  • 2 x dice
  • 1 x spinner
  • 1 x Drink Assignment die
  • 1 x Tongue Twisters card
  • 1 x Categories card
  • 2 x Chug! cards
  • 10 x Next Round cards
  • 10 x Plot Twist cards
  • 10 x Game Concept cards
  • Instructions

Perfect for stag nights, house parties, and any other boozy get-together!

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