50 16oz Solo Blue Cups

50 16oz Solo Blue Cups
  • 50 16oz Solo Blue Cups
50 16oz Solo Blue Cups. A lovely blue alternative to the red American classic party cups.
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The 50 16oz Solo Blue Cups are a beautiful blue alternative to our classic red ones. Yes, the red ones may be the recognisable cups from the movies, but with these babies you getting a bit of exclusivity. These are just as sturdy, large, and durable as the red ones; and though they are similar in all but colour, the fact they are blue means they are rarer!

Stag parties of Britain could really benefit from the use of these 50 16oz solo blue cups! There are also 50 in a pack which is plenty enough for you and all your lads - even accounting for a few lost or broken ones! If you want a seriously good party cup that is going to contain your drinks nicely then these are spot-on!

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