50 16oz Solo Red Cup

50 16oz Solo Red Cup
  • 50 16oz Solo Red Cup
You may recognise these party cups from plenty of American movies! 50 of 16oz solo red cup.
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This packet contains 50 16oz solo red cup. That is 50 of the most recognisable disposable party cups you can find. You may recognise these from some classic American high-school movies! Disposable cups are always a good idea for obvious reasons - it stops your best glasses from getting dirty, or even worse broken! In fact, maybe you just don't have enough glasses and you'd like everyones to match!

If you have chosen to have disposable party cups then these 16oz solo red cups are definitely the premium choice! Purchasing these cups for your stag party will definitely create a buzz; you'll be able to enjoy as people try and figure out where it is they recognise them from! They are also pretty sturdy and durable too, so you really are getting the best of both worlds!

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