Anti Stress Boobs

Anti Stress BoobsAnti Stress Boobs
  • Anti Stress Boobs
  • Anti Stress Boobs
These anti-stress boobs are ideal for squeezing out the inevitable stag night stress. They're also surprisingly difficult to put down!
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Bachelor parties and stag weekends are always a little bit stressful, no matter how much fun you're having. Getting from place to place, ensuring that nobody has passed out or been's tough work, and if you're the best man and/or stag night organiser then you're likely to need a stress ball to work through it all.

But why have a stress ball when you could have a stress boob? Our anti-stress boobs are clinically proven* to be ten times more effective than standard stress balls, not to mention how much sexier they are to squeeze. In fact, some of the guys here at Stag Stuff have found it quite difficult to let go of them...

*Not really.

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