Ball and Chain

Ball and Chain
  • Ball and Chain
This novelty ball and chain is the perfect stag night accessory - strap it to the groom's ankle for laughs that last all night!
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Want to prepare your mate for married life? In that case, this Ball & Chain is just what you need!

After all, he'll be lumbered with a metaphorical ball and chain forever once he says 'I do' - a literal ball and chain seems like just the thing to remind him of the commitment he's about to make!

Of course, we don't doubt that the groom-to-be is completely in love with his fabulous fiancée, but the ball and chain combo still makes a fantastically funny addition to any stag do. It might make life a little difficult for the man of the hour as he struggles to drag it around, but it's sure to have the rest of you in absolute stitches!

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