Bomber Gift Pack

Bomber Gift Pack
  • Bomber Gift Pack
The Bomber Gift Pack contains four nifty Jagerbomb cups in an assortment of colours. It's like a stag party in a box - just add alcohol!
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Let's say a few of you are going off to some far-flung shore for your mate's stag weekend. You're four very different people, but you've stuck it out through thick and thin and you're ready to live it up in anticipation of the upcoming nuptials. Oh, and you're all really keen on Jagerbombs (perhaps that's the glue that's kept you together all these years?) If you find yourself in this surprisingly common situation, you can take the party to the next level with the Bomber gift pack from Stag Stuff!

The gift pack contains four specially-moulded Jagerbomb cups in a variety of colours. The best part is that, since each cup is a different colour, you can assign each pal the Bomber that best suits their personality. Green for the hippie, yellow for the coward, orange for the ginger one, and pink for the...slightly effeminate one. You can probably come up with better ones than that, but no matter how you divvy them up, your Jagerbombs are sure to taste better than ever!

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