Bomber Jagerbomb Cup - Blue 10 Pack

Bomber Jagerbomb Cup - Blue 10 Pack
  • Bomber Jagerbomb Cup - Blue 10 Pack
These ice blue Bomber cups are the coolest drinking accessories we can think of, not to mention the ideal way to sink a Jagerbomb or two!
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Bomber cups come in many different colours - orange, pink, gold - but we think that these blue Bombers are without a doubt the coolest cups of all. They're easier on the eye than the orange ones, they don't show off as much as the gold ones, and they're just not as girly as the pink products. They're simply the perfect solution for Jager drinkers who want to stand out without looking too try-hard.

And the best part is that you get ten cups in each pack - that's enough to quench the thirst of an entire stag party! And not a namby-pamby, 'close friends only' stag do; a proper one, with loads of people and all kinds of mayhem. No matter who you're inviting along for your last hurrah, no matter how diverse their personalities are, the bomber cups will ensure that everyone's enjoying themselves. All you have to do is find some Jagermeister (which goes in the little blue rocket cup) and some Red Bull (which goes everywhere else) - once that's sorted, simply kick back and let the good times roll!

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