DIY Straws (21 Parts)

DIY Straws (21 Parts)
  • DIY Straws (21 Parts)
Build your own crazy drinking straws with this awesome DIY Straws kit! It includes 21 different parts, allowing you to make all kinds of cool constructions!
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These DIY Straws are a great way to make your drinks more interesting. The kit contains an assortment of different connectors and straw pieces, all of which can be put together to create a mammoth drinking straw with more twists and turns than a  whole season of Game of Thrones!

Here's what you get:

  • 6 x long straw pieces
  • 5 x short straw pieces
  • 5 x right-angle connectors
  • 3 x straight connectors
  • 2 x T-junction connectors

This motley collection of bits and pieces will allow you to build drinking straws the likes of which you've never seen. You can create a multi-straw that sucks up several drinks at once, or you can just cut loose and build the longest straw possible. The world's your oyster...and isn't that just how it should be on your stag night?

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