Drunk & Disorderly Labels

Drunk & Disorderly Labels
  • Drunk & Disorderly Labels
Make sure that you and the lads get home safe and sound at the end of the stag night with these Drunk & Disorderly Labels!
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Looking forward to a few stag night drinks, but concerned about where you might find yourself the following morning? Fear not, brave stag, for our Drunk & Disorderly Labels will ensure that you end up where you need to be! Simply write down the address of where you're staying, along with the phone number of someone more responsible than you, and party on, safe in the knowledge that the night won't end badly!

The labels read 'Caution - I am Drunk!', followed by a list of instructions, such as 'don't let me make an even bigger fool of myself than usual'. The back is where you write your details; that way, if somebody finds you separated from the group and staggering around desperately, they can stick you in a taxi or help you to meet up with the lads again. Teamwork!

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