Feathery Pink Willy Boppers

Feathery Pink Willy Boppers
  • Feathery Pink Willy Boppers
A hen party bopper is the only thing you should have on your head when you hit your hen party, and if you're having trouble deciding on the perfect hen party bopper for you, these feathery pink willy boppers will cover all bases. The feathers are fab and the willies are plump as can be - what more could you want?
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There's no shame in wearing willies on your head, not when there's a hen party on the cards. Pink willy boppers are worn at hen parties nationwide, and this fine specimen of a hen party bopper will be the envy of everyone who sees it. These pink willy boppers are second to none!

Made from styrofoam and trimmed with pink feathers, these cheeky pink willy boppers are perfect for hen parties. You'll never find a better hen party bopper!

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