Ice Shot Glasses 4 Pack

Ice Shot Glasses 4 PackIce Shot Glasses 4 Pack
  • Ice Shot Glasses 4 Pack
  • Ice Shot Glasses 4 Pack
What's the best way to stay cool on your stag night? By drinking from a shot glass that's made of ice! A frozen shot glass will never fail to impress your mates.
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We like ice in our drinks here at Stag Stuff; whether it's whiskey, rum, vodka or gin, we'll take it on the rocks, thanks. But a problem arises when we're out on the weekend and somebody gets a round of shots in. Shot glasses are too small for ice cubes, so how do we chill our drinks, short of decanting them into a normal-sized glass and looking like fools?

The answer lies with the Ice Shot Glasses. It's an ingenious idea, this: simply fill the mould with water, as you would any standard ice tray, and a couple of hours later, you'll have four fantastic shot glasses made out of solid ice! Your shots will be delightfully frosty, and slurping them down will be ten times more enjoyable. Don't suffer warm shots in silence - get yourself some ice shot glasses and stay cool, stags!

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