Inflatable Mini Doll

Inflatable Mini Doll
  • Inflatable Mini Doll
This miniature blow-up doll is ideal for a saucy stag party on the go. Choose from three lovely ladies, and whichever one you opt for, don't leave home without her!
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No stag night is complete without a beautiful blow-up doll along for the ride. One problem, though: your average inflatable woman is a little too large for easy transportation, especially if you're going abroad for your stag weekend. What's a fella to do - leave the dolls at home?

Not any more! These mini dolls are fun-sized inflatables that can accompany you anywhere, no matter how far afield you're travelling for your bachelor party! The inflatable mini dolls are available in three variations - blonde hair, black hair and red hair - so you can choose the one that most closely matches your dream woman. Keep her in your back pocket until the moment is right, then whip her out, blow her up, and enjoy the fun!

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