Jelly Boobs

Jelly Boobs
  • Jelly Boobs
Colourful fruit jellies, shaped like breasts. What's not to love? Keep them in your back pocket to ensure that your sweet tooth is satiated throughout your stag party!
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We all need something to snack on every now and then, and given how much energy you'll need to make it through your stag weekend, a slight sugar rush will probably be very welcome indeed! And not only are these colourful sweets delicious...they're also shaped like boobs. We hardly need to explain what's so appealing about that, do we?

The 150g pack will keep you going all night long, and if you're feeling especially generous, you can even share the jelly boobs with your fellow stags. We won't judge you if you keep them all for yourself, though - they are pretty darn tasty!

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