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Party Pong is the Beer Pong Party Game that will get everyone laughing! Party Beer Pong is an epic drinking game with plenty of dares to keep you entertained.
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Beer Pong is a tried and tested success at any party - especially a stag do. However, we've all got that one mate with a phenomenal shot who always wins, and after a while it just gets pretty boring doesn't it. That's where Party Pong enters - the brand new twist on beer pong that provides entertainment for the whole party. 

Party Pong is perfect for a stag do, because it's beer pong with an added little twist - there's a dare card which goes under every cup. There are 24 'party forfeit' cards, each with a hilarious forfeit which you must follow. 

You simply set up the table as you would with beer pong, 6 cups in a triangle at either side of the table. This time, however, you must shuffle the party forfeit cards and pop one under every cup. When someone sinks a shot, you must drink the contents of the cup and then read out the party forfeit listed on the card - everyone must follow the command immediately. 

The beauty of party pong is whether you've got a fantastic aim or a terrible throw - you'll all have to complete the party forfeits, so you get heavily involved either way!

Our Party Pong kit contains 7 x red cups, 7 x blue cups, 2 x ping pong balls, 24 x 'Party Forfeit' cards and all the instructions plus some useful tips and information on the box - so make sure you keep this handy.  

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