Party Posse Indian Headdress

Party Posse Indian Headdress
  • Party Posse Indian Headdress
If you've decided to have a Native American-themed hen party (and we strongly recommend that you do), the next step is piecing together the ultimate Indian costume in time for the big night. What exactly this should consist of is up to you, but one thing is set in stone: if you're the bride-to-be, you've got to wear this chieftain-style Indian headdress!
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The bride is right at the top of the hen party pecking order, and if you want to assert your leadership of the rest of the brood, this heavenly headdress is the perfect way to do so. The feathery Indian is coloured in various shades of pink, so you'll still be the height of hen chic while you lord it up, Native American-style.

And if a Native American theme seems too limiting, why not try a Cowboys and Indians theme? Take charge of the Indian side, and lead them into battle with this headdress on your noggin!

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