Party Posse Tomahawk

Party Posse Tomahawk
  • Party Posse Tomahawk
Not really feeling the cowgirl theme? Fancy something a little more original for your hen night? Look no further, friend - a Native American hen night is ideal for the hen who wants a unique night out. Dress your BFFs up as Indian braves, and go native on your last night as a single lady!
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Of course, no self-respecting Indian warrior would be seen dead without their trusty tomahawk, and that's why we're supplying you with this: the Party Posse Tomahawk. Painted a pretty pink colour, the hen party tomahawk will strike fear into the heart of anyone who's thinking of ruining your fun. It's even got a pair of pink feathers dangling from the handle, giving the whole item an awesomely authentic feel.

If you're having a Native American hen night, the Party Posse Tomahawk should be your weapon of choice. Don't leave camp without it!

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