Pink Willy Confetti

Pink Willy Confetti
  • Pink Willy Confetti
At first glance, it just looks like some pretty pink confetti, but take a closer look and you'll find that it's actually pink willy confetti. Simply put, it's a scattering of little willies (and, indeed, boobies) in hot pink confetti form! The willy confetti is perfect for saucing up your hen night, so grab yourself a handful and get that pink willy confetti all over the place.
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This hot pink confetti makes the perfect decoration for any hen night. The pink willy confetti comes in a nice, big bag that's primed and ready to shed its load all over your floor.  Take the whole bag with you when you hit the town, or give each of your bridesmaids a handful of willy confetti to use as they see fit!

Confetti comes in all kinds of designs, but this is a hen night, and any old pink confetti will simply not suffice. You've got to have pink willy confetti, because only a pile of hot pink todgers will do when you're trying to make your hen party look more sparkly. The only way this pink willy confetti could be more appropriate is if there were little pink boobs strewn amongst those willies as well. Oh, wait - there are. Guess it is actually ideal then!

Willy Confetti is an easy and satisfying way to decorate your hen do. Simply peel back the top, then shake vigorously until the bag is empty. Who wouldn't enjoy that?

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