Pocket Poker Set

Pocket Poker SetPocket Poker Set
  • Pocket Poker Set
  • Pocket Poker Set
Fancy playing a few hands of poker when you're out and about on your stag night? This pocket-sized poker set, complete with cards, chips, and a pot for the money, allows you to do just that!
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Ther'es never a bad time to play poker, and that includes your own bachelor party. Men aren't great at long, drawn-out conversations, especially when all the other participants are men as well, so how to fill those awkward silences that are sure to blight any stag do? Well, you can either get smashed, or play a few rounds of Texas hold'em. Or do both, we suppose.

Unlike so-called 'pocket' dictionaries (which are sometimes too big to even fit on a bookshelf, let alone in a pocket), this pocket poker set really is small enough to take anywhere. If you need a way to get the stag party started - or to reboot it after an unforeseen lull in the conversation - simply whip this bad boy out of your back pocket  and play on. The set includes a standard set of playing cards and 108 magnetic betting chips of various values. These items come in a sleek little tin, which can also double as a pot for the money you're trying to win. What more could you need, besides perhaps a bar and a few players?

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