Posing Pouch Mankini

Posing Pouch Mankini
  • Posing Pouch Mankini
This gorgeous green mankini is the ultimate piece of stag night partywear. Put on your posing pouch and pose with pride!
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We all loved the Borat movie, and this posing pouch ("Satisfaction Guaranteed!") gives you an easy way to recreate that film's sexiest (?) scene. The iconic green mankini has become a stag party standard - if you really want to stand out from the crowd on your last night as a bachelor, this is the only item of clothing you'lll need!

Alternatively, if you're planning somebody else's stag do and you want to make sure that your mate is left well and truly red-faced by the end of the evening, all you have to do is hand him this posing pouch mankini and tell him to put it on. People won't be able to take their eyes off him!

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