Ringer ID Bands

Ringer ID Bands
  • Ringer ID Bands
With our ringer ID bands, you can make sure you never drink your friends drink by mistake again!
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These ringer ID bands are a party phenomenon! We know how confusing it can be when people are drinking similar drinks at parties - these bands act as personal identification that you slip over your drink to make sure nobody drinks it by mistake. This stops anyone else taking yours by accident or vice-versa! Each packet contains 12 of the bands and all with an individual amusing nickname printed on them, just to add to the banter-value!

It goes without saying that these ringer ID bands are an ideal match for stag parties! It can get confusing enough when people are leaving their drinks all over the place, and after drinking some more that only stands to get more confusing! These bands solve that problem and make sure you're not drinking your mates glass (or anything else) by mistake.


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