Stag Night Dare Cards

Stag Night Dare Cards
  • Stag Night Dare Cards
These aren't your little sister's dare cards...these are MANLY dare cards! They're perfect for stag parties and other lads' gatherings!
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A stag night without dares is a tame night indeed, but we appreciate that it can be difficult to think of decent dares on the spot. That's why these Dare Cards are so useful - when you've got this deck handy, you'll never be short of dare ideas!

So, what will our stag night dare cards have you and the lads doing? Here are a couple of examples:

  • Stand on the table and shout, "I miss my mummy!"
  • Put your finger through your fly and wiggle it at a girl.

That's just a taste of the fun and humiliation you'll experience as you make your way through the dare card deck. Will you and the lads manage to complete them all?

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