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Strip PongStrip PongStrip PongStrip Pong
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  • Strip Pong
  • Strip Pong
  • Strip Pong
Strip Pong is a seriously naughty beer pong game to play with your partner. You get drunk and naked at the same time - sounds like a party to us!
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Let's set the record straight before we go any further here - we're pretty sure most of you wouldn't be interested in playing Strip Pong on your stag do. Or you might - who knows, we're not here to judge. What we did have in mind however, was a couple of options for this naughty little beer pong game - which we'll list at the bottom. 

So what is Strip Pong? Well - literally like it says on the tin (or box), it's a stripping edition of the classic American game beer pong, which involves you taking an item of clothing off every time you lose a cup. The twist? Before you remove said item of clothing you have to twist the spinner which has very clear instructions on how you've got to get your kit off. You might have to spin around as you remove your clothes, or remove them without your hands - trust us when we say Strip Pong makes things pretty interesting indeed. 

The best part about this whole game is that you get drunk and naked at the very same time - and you have to put considerably less graft in than you would on an ordinary night out. Har-di-har... All jokes aside this is a fun and flirty game you can play with your other half that will hopefully get you both in the mood to have your own private party..If you know what we mean. The box contains a Strip Pong spinner which has all the stripping commands on it, 12 cups, 2 balls and all the info on the box - so make sure you keep this handy if you're not too distracted by the nudity!

Recommended uses for Strip Pong

  • A gift for the stag to take home to his Bride to be
  • A valentine's gift for your beloved other half - perhaps a not so gentle hint
  • A cheeky and suggestive way to spice up your sex life 
  • A bold suggestion for a house party
  • A risky one way ticket out of the friend zone  

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