Twist Pong Game

Twist Pong GameTwist Pong GameTwist Pong GameTwist Pong Game
  • Twist Pong Game
  • Twist Pong Game
  • Twist Pong Game
  • Twist Pong Game
Twist Pong is exactly what it sounds like - a cheeky twist on the rules of beer pong. A few games of Twist Pong will liven up any stag do for sure!
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So, how do you play Twist Pong? Allow us to explain...

  • Arrange 6 cups into a triangle formation at either end of a table. Fill each cup with beer.
  • Standing at opposite ends of the table, players take it in turns to throw a ping-pong ball towards their opponent's cups.
  • If your opponent's ball lands in one of your cups, spin the spinner and follow its instructions. For example, if it lands on DOUBLE UP, you have to drink two cups instead of just one; if it lands on SWITCH, you must swap sides with your opponent!
  • Once the spinner's instructions have been carried out, play continues until one player runs out of cups. This player is declared the loser, and must perform an embarrassing forfeit of his opponent's choice!

As you can imagine, Twist Pong is perfect for stag parties and boozy gatherings of all stripes! Get your hands on this hot new party game while you can!


Each Twist Pong set includes:

  • 6 red cups (plus 1 extra cup for washing)
  • 6 blue cups (plus 1 extra cup for washing)
  • 2 ping-pong balls
  • 1 spinner

Full instructions are printed on the Twist Pong game box, along with some handy hints and tips.

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