ZAP - Mullet and Tache Set

ZAP - Mullet and Tache Set
  • ZAP - Mullet and Tache Set
This Zap Mullet and Tache Set is all any Casanova needs to complete their look!
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There is nothing quite like donning some kind of hilarious fancy dress to get you and your stags into party-mode! Everyone laughs at you, you laugh at yourself, everybody has a good time! This mullet and tache set is the perfect accessory for that kind of banter; you also get to have a mullet for the night, without the agony and ridicule involved in actually growing a mullet yourself!

Included in this pack is a mullet-style wig and a stick-on tache - hence the name! There are a plenty of awesome fancy dress costumes that this set would top-off, and it would still make an impact worn on its own! Rolls back the years - and any sense of style you may or may not have - and wear this mullet and tache set to really kick off your stag extravaganza! 

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