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The Best Man's Guide to Organising A Stag Do The Best Man's Guide to Organising A Stag Do 1
As the groom’s best man, you may well have to organise the stag do! As it’s your mate’s last night of freedom and whatnot, we know this can seem like a daunting task… but the good news is that the chaps here at Stag Stuff have compiled this exclusive guide to the ins, outs, and shake-it-all-abouts of planning an epic party!
Best men of Britain, let StagStuff take you by the hand (in an acceptably manly fashion) and walk you through the whole debacle…
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When Do You Even Start to Plan the Whole Thing?

We are well aware that some of you are super-organised and always on the ball. The rest of you...not so much! When it comes to planning a stag party, stag party guide for best men we recommend you start as early as possible; you need to think about bookings, reservations, the availability of guests, and a whole other load of menial stuff that is necessary to execute a killer blow-out!

How Close to the Actual Wedding Does It Need to Be?

Let’s face it, the tradition of having your stag party on the night before your wedding has worn thin, and judging by the usual exploits that occur on the modern day stag do, this is definitely for the best! On average, a stag do will be around 3-4 weeks before the wedding date, but this is pretty flexible. Also bear in mind that the earlier you get on with the planning, deciding, and booking, the more flexible you can be with the date itself.

We also think it’s worth mentioning that, while having a massive alcohol-fuelled party the night before your wedding is not a good idea, there is no reason why you cannot have it the day before the wedding if you are planning a quieter, more sober affair - though this is probably not advisable if you’re having it abroad!
stag party guide for best men 1

Know Your Groom!

Our next bit of guidance is important as it’s all about getting the feel of the stag do just right. By this we mean it’s your responsibility to organise a stag party that reflects your best mate as a person, or at least caters to his interests and hobbies in some way. Yes, there’s always room for a bit of laddish tomfoolery along the way, but if your man is, say…a vegetarian, best think about cancelling that hunting trip, capiche?
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Once you have some ideas floating about of the type of stag do you want to organise, you’re going to need some stags! We’re sorry to break the news to you, but traditionally, it’s up to you to create the guest list. Still, unless you are 100% sure of who your groom wants on his do, we recommend consulting him first - this saves any awkward ‘sorry we forgot to invite you’ conversations his end.
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Location, Location, Location

The location of the stag party is one the most fundamental aspects, as it pretty much determines what kind of extravaganza you’re going to be throwing! The things you’ll need to consider are:
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Budget - This not only refers to the budget of you or the groom, but the budgets of all attendees too. There is just no point in organising a lad’s weekend to Monte Carlo if only a handful of the guests are going to be able to make it. If a load of you do have your heart set on an Eastern European bar crawl, why not have a night out back home too? That way, all the other stags can get involved. And, when you think about it, it means an extra licensed night of madness for you all!
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Interests - Think about the kind of activities, events, and cultures available to a location when considering it. Ensure that you’re going to have plenty to do, and that you’ll be well catered for. If you’re keeping it local and casual, make sure transport links are available to whisk you to and fro between your various destinations - can you really be trusted to walk?
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Availability - Another slightly tedious and bookish point we know, but it’s again key to perfecting your stag party plans! Think about seasons, vacancies, holidays, annual leave, and if you’re a bit of a last minute man, you especially need to concern yourself with the availability of your various locations.
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Thinking about the availability of individuals is also critical… say you fancy a Hangover-style trip to Las Vegas, are all of the guests going to be able to obtain a visa, or are the shady deeds of the past going to come back and haunt them? Whatever you decide, imagine the look on your groom’s face if you were to surprise him with it - if it brings about a smile, it‘s probably a winner!

What to Do for Entertainment

Once you have your location sorted, you can now start to plan whatever it is that you and your stags are going to be doing! The timescale of your do is an important consideration here – obviously a whole weekend may require more thought and activity ideas than just the one night! For entertainment, we recommend again thinking about your main stag: if he’s the sporty type, you could organise a 5-a-side tournament or obstacle course; if your man enjoys a bit of a flutter, you might spend his last night of freedom in a casino; and if the groom is a bit more of a thespian, then why not enjoy a civilised evening at the theatre?

Some Winning Fancy Dress Themes

Now we don’t want you thinking we’ve gone all soft here at Stag Stuff headquarters, but fancy dress themes are an excellent way to breathe life, laughter, and light-heartedness into your celebrations. We don’t expect you to don glittery pink sashes and cowboys hats – though that would certainly be epic – but you can at least make an effort. Here are a few ideas to get your juices flowing:

Suited and Booted - This is almost obligatory if you’re going to hit a casino or the races, but it works just as well on a night out! Your stags will feel particularly swish in suits, and it’s good practice for the wedding as well!

Superheroes - There has been a recent surge in superhero films of late, but boys have never really stopped wanting to be superheroes, and seeing as most of us still haven’t grown up yet, a superheroes theme is an awesome idea! All recognisable superhero costumes are available for low prices (we stock quite a few ourselves), so you just have to argue amongst yourselves over who gets to go as whom. Lads in Lycra… what’s not to like?

Stick Out Stag - This is a great theme...well, great for all the other stags anyway, as it involves embarrassing the groom accordingly! As the best man, you can decide on a ridiculous fancy dress costume for the groom to wear: a morph suit, a dress of some sort, or perhaps a celebrity they particularly despise. You and the other stags can then either go as something complementary (a bunch of dwarves to go with a Snow White costume, for example), or just go in normal clothing so he stands out even more!

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Stag Party Accessories

All this talk of fancy dress costumes and larking about quickly brings us onto stag party accessories! Now, the responsibility to provide amusing accessories needn’t entirely fall on the best man, but you should be spearheading some hilarious hoots at the very least. We’re talking about cardboard cut-outs, personalised face masks, blow-up dolls, and all the drinking paraphernalia necessary to make sure everyone is suitably plastered (if that’s the kind of the thing you’re going for!) stag party guide for best men 9

You may not need accessories to have a blast, but they really are good for inciting laughter and hilarity, which you should always have in abundance on any stag do. These are the things you whip out at various points in the party to give your best buddy the silly, senseless, and damn right stupendous send-off he deserves!

Optional Pranks

Now this is a bit of a controversial one. We’re happy to suggest some popular stag party pranks to you, but we don’t want to take responsibility if you go too far and upset the groom on his last free night with the lads. Having said that, if this is your big chance to get some payback on a serial prankster, there are plenty of ways to do so…we compiled a list of our 5 favourite pranks in a blog we made earlier that you may want to check out. stag party guide for best men 10

What About Providing Everyone with a Stag Party Survival Kit?

Now, in many ways, this is just a bit of fun to highlight some important things you’ll want to arm your stags with. Still, if you really wanted to, you could provide a mini stag party survival kit for each guest – it’s exactly what a cool and considerate best man would do. Here are a few suggestions on what to put inside: stag party guide for best men 11

Personalised T-Shirt - Okay, so you won’t win any points for originality here, but who cares? This is more about camaraderie! Plus, think of all the fun you can have choosing the amusing nicknames to be printed…

Shot Glass - They do some pretty awesome shot glasses these days, and as each stag only needs one, they’re actually pretty cheap. And if giving each man a personal shot glass encourages excessive drinking, so be it!

Plasters - We don’t want to sound like your parents, and we wouldn’t need to if you just did as you’re told! We are quite certain that several of you will be bumping into things, grazing your knees, and just generally needing wounds covered up - this may be during your activities, or while out on the lash! Either way, some plasters are going to come in very handy.

Paracetamols - This one sounds like a joke, but it may just be the handiest item in the survival kit! Nothing is worse than facing a day with an almighty headache, and so a few paracetamols could be just the saviours you’re looking for.

And there you have it, Stag Stuff’s exclusive guide for all you hapless best men out there, and for those of you just wanting a bit of extra guidance! Remember to try and enjoy the planning process, as we all know you’re going to enjoy the stag do.

These are of course just suggestions. Any of these activities would be great fun, though having said all of this, you needn’t provide any sort of entertainment if you cannot think of anything appropriate. At the end of the day, nobody knows the groom better than yourself, and if you know he just wants a massive piss-up around the local town centre, then it is your duty to fulfil his request!