Stag Night Guides

The Guest's Guide to Stag Nights
The do’s and don’ts for guests helping to celebrate the stag’s last night of freedom.

Your friend or relative is about to take a fully-fledged leap into the world of the real grown-ups, and to celebrate his marriage, you must help to ensure that his send-off will go down in history. A great stag do falls somewhere between The Hangover and a casual night down the pub with your mates – too much of the former means it could be his last night of freedom in a slightly too literal sense, while too much of the latter will simply result in the most boring stag that has ever been. An epic stag do must be extremely well-planned, and each guest must come prepared. That’s sort of why we’ve written this guide, really...
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Stag Nights: The Basics

These things will happen, and there’s pretty much nothing you can do about it:

  • There will be drinking. If you’re trying to lay off the booze then attending your mate’s stag do may not be the best idea. We would recommend that you get your big boy boots on, pack anything that will make your hangover a little bit easier, and prepare for some serious alcohol guzzling. Remember to eat regularly and drink lots of water throughout the night, and you should be champion for the stag weekend!
  • There will be banter. If you’re a little sensitive, if you don’t like being teased about your deepest darkest secrets, or if you just can’t take a joke, attending a stag weekend is definitely not recommended.
  • There will be some practical jokes. This could mean dodgy costumes, pictures, sing-alongs – get in the spirit or don’t go, because no one likes a party pooper!

How much cash will you need?

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In essence, the answer to this one is a lot. And all things considered, for a night you’ll never forget – it’s worth it, right? But in order to have the night of your life, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve got sufficient funds. No one wants to be that guy who orders tap water on a stag do now do they?

Recent statistics show that the average cost of a stag do is £157 per person, which is a substantial cost and a 73% increase on the £91 per head that we stags averaged in 2008!

There are a few things to be considered before you begin saving your pennies, and the costs will dramatically differ depending on what kind of stag your mate is having. A stag do will probably cost a lot more if:
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  • There is travel and accommodation involved
  • There’s a fancy dress theme that demands an awesome costume
  • There are some expensive activities planned (e.g. paintballing, gambling)

So bear these things in mind and make allowances accordingly – it’s a good idea to pay your share of any travelling/accommodation/activity costs as soon as possible so that you have plenty of time to save for your spending (drinking) money.

What will you need to bring?

stag do weekends 3 Aside from your exceptional witty banter, once again, this tends to vary depending on what your mate’s stag do entails. You might need a passport, you might need some trainers – make sure you’re well aware of what’s going on before you head off on your stagventure.

Generally speaking, you will always need:

  • Money (and plenty of it!)
  • Smart clothes and/or a fancy dress costume
  • Plenty of stag accessories
  • Any hangover cure you can possibly think of
  • A complicated passcode on your phone to keep out your mischievous mates!

What gifts should you get the groom-to-be?

Now, gifts are traditionally more of a hen night thing, but there are plenty of gifts you can get for the stag so that he’ll remember his special night. Of course, there are all manner of silly stag novelties you can take for the big night: various shot glasses, costumes and personalised goodies will make the night that little bit funnier, but a slightly more heartfelt gift may be more endearing. Here are some good ways to show your pal that you care:

  • You could pop the pictures/tickets of the evening in a large scrap book and get all the lads to sign it as a keepsake for the stag. That way, he’ll always remember the great times you had (the ones that aren’t too X-rated, anyway!)
  • You could get a nice personalised/engraved bottle of something alcoholic – they can keep this as a reminder, or drink it and toast to the good times.
  • Alternatively you could stick to the funny stuff: stress boobs, candy jock straps, and extra-extra-small condoms!
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Stag Do Etiquette

  • Before you set off on the big stag weekend, we do suggest that you establish some sort of agenda. Many stag parties adopt a ‘what happens on tour, stays on tour’ mentality, and this might just be for the best. Don’t add pictures to social media or report incidents which are going to get people in trouble, because that is not cool and no one will thank you for it. Decide before hand what is appropriate to joke about once the party is over and what is best left as a hilarious memory.
  • Don’t get so drunk ythat you become a liability and ruin the night. By all means drink yourself merry and have a good time, but don’t ruin anyone else’s evening. They may not feel like looking after you!
  • Try not to be a total party pooper. So go-karting might not be your thing – get over it! It’s not your stag night.
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What if you don’t know the stag that well?

It’s okay – you’ve been invited, which is a great sign. You will obviously know someone, so stick with them to begin with. After a few drinking games you’ll be involved with everyone and it will be as if you’re all best mates! If you’re particularly concerned, why not suggest a few pints at your local a few weeks before the big stag do to get yourself fully acquainted?

And there you have it…

Your fairly fool-proof guide for guests at a stag do. Once you know what’s happening and what has been planned, you’ll have a much better idea of exactly what to wear, what to take and how much money you’ll need. And if all else fails, just ask your really organised mate – there’s always one!