Stag Fancy Dress Costumes

No wickedly wild weekend is complete without some hilarious stag fancy dress costumes! Dressing up will inject a healthy dose of hilarity into proceedings, and give your stags ample opportunity to make the groom look rightly ridiculous! From clowns and convicts to masks and mullets, and from Batman and beer bottles to golf and gangsters we have the attire to awaken your inner stag! The best thing about picking fancy dress for stags is the fact that there are no real limitations or boundaries for you to worry about crossing - basically, the crazier, kookier, and more outrageous, the better! So, let us here at Stag Stuff take you by the hand - in an appropriately manly fashion - and guide you through the wondrous world of stag fancy dress costumes!

Awesome Fancy Dress for Stags

As the masters of all things stag, it wan't going to be long before we offered you an impeccable selection of fancy dress for stags. Dressing up used to be something of a hen party affair, but us guys soon realised just how fun it is to don some crazy clobber and get into character for the evening!

The more devious and wily among you will also realise that, with stag fancy dress costumes, you also get the chance to pick a groom's costume! And as it is your best mate's last night of freedom and all that, wouldn't it be gracious and gentlemanly of you to send him hurtling into married life dressed as a fat woman?

Of course this is just an example, and it is completely up to you what you decide to go with. Whatever you choose, though, rest assured that Stag Stuff has your back when it comes to the best stag costumes!